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Post by Armin on Thu Jun 11, 2015 7:15 pm

⦿ In all honesty, we know what you're thinking. We are /not/ strict, like, at all. However; we do request that you're respectful towards ALL members of the pack, it matters not if they're staff, or if they're someone who just joined 5 minutes ago.

⦿ We are all family in this group|pack, and we're all very keen on treating each other as such.

• This is a LITERATE pack, therefore you make LITERATE posts.

• Please, show respect to the members who have created this pack for you. (As stated above.)

• Swear as much as you want. Smile

• IC drama is encouraged, but do not take it too far. (Meaning, we don't want you, or your character believing that everything on the planet revolves around them. However; if that is your characters personality, well then I suppose they'll be dealt with IC with anybody that they seem to agitate, even though they're all mostly friendly, lol.)

• Please, do not create or stir any OOC drama, and do not bully any of your fellow pack members. Treat others how you wish to be treated, PLEASE.

• Do not start any secret alliances or traitor organizations within the group without notifying the higher-ups first. (OOC, of course. This is /mainly/ so it doesn't look like/seem like you're attention whoring to gain our OOC attention, generally. We just want to be in the clear with everyone, honestly.)

• If you are inactive for 2 or more weeks, you will be ejected from the pack. You will not be ejected if you had a good reason prior to the inactivity. (Please notify us in the absences section of the forum if you're going to be taking a short/long-term vacation, or something broke or the fact that you just don't wanna see any of us for a while and just, yeah. Please let us know so that we don't worry.)

• This is a roleplay for mature members. If you cannot handle descriptive posts containing: gore, organs, urine, visible infections, vomit, or anything of the sort, this roleplay is not for you. (It's not like anything of that sort is going to be, y'know. Purposely thrown out there out of the blue at you, it's just, we all know that life happens and nature has to take it's toll at some point. All we're saying is this is a mature RP, /very very very/ realistic.)

• Do not block any other members in the pack for any reason. This is considered simply rude and it makes communication for the pack difficult. If there is a member that you have blocked previously, please unblock them. (Because we don't want you to think we're talking/posting to the air.)

• You are only allowed one character in the pack. (An exception can be made, if you want to have two characters in the pack then that's fine. But; this is entirely your responsibility if you decide to take this on, /you/ will be responsible for this additional character's activity, role in the pack, and it cannot interfere with any regular activity with your original pack-member. I recommend a loner/fox, because it won't be too much confusion for you, and stress and stuff. ._. )

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