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Blood Tyrants
{ IV }
The highest of the pack.

Alpha Female  -  SLAF

[1/1] || Huojin (LaughingWolf)

Alpha Male  -  SLAM

[0/1] || RESERVED  ( -Sylus- )

Beta  -  SLB

[1/2] || Akeldama (DawnDusk or DawnDusk1) < icantremember
[1/2] || O P E N  ||  ( N/A ) >> (Must be directly given IC by Huojin.)

Delta  -  SLD

[1/2] || Armin  ( Oats )

[1/2] ||  O P E N   ( N/A ) >>  (Must be directly given IC by Huojin.)

The Bishop
{ IIV }
The overseers of the pack.

Lead Guard  -  SLLG

[1/1] || Allidar (HowlPendragon)

Lead Warrior  -  SLLW

[1/1] || Makinti (~Skybluemew~)

Lead Hunter  -  SLLH

[1/1] || Akita (feral lion1230)

Lead Scout  -  SLLS

[0/1] ||  O P E N   ( N/A ) >>  (Must be directly given IC by Huojin.)

Lead Medic  -  SLLM

[0/1] ||  O P E N   ( N/A ) >>  (Must be directly given IC by Huojin.)

The Vanguard
{ IIIV }
The formation of the pack.

Warrior  -  SLW
These are the fighters of the pack. They defend against intruders and are front-and-center during battle. They are brave and skilled in the art of war craft.

Hunter  -  SLH
These are the guys who bring home the bacon. Literally. They provide food, and are known for their stealth, and agility.

Scout  -  SLS
These are the wolves that know each nook and cranny of the territory. They are normally faster and swifter than they are strong, and are sometimes used as spies.

Guard  -  SLG
These are the eyes and ears of the pack. They watch over the territory like hawks and notify upper ranks of suspicious activity. They have. Their most notable trait is their strength.

Medic  -  SLM
These wolves know all about herbs and their uses. They care for the sick, injured, and elderly.

Pup Sitter  -  SLPS
They are the overseers of all of the puppies in the pack, keeping a close eye on them and caring for them when their mothers are not around to do so.

{ v }
The future generation of Scarlet Letter Pack.

The Unborn  -  SLu
Unborn puppies waiting to be birthed from pregnant mommies.

Puppy  -  SLP
They are kept a close eye on and aren't allowed to stray from camp.

Teenager / Adolescent  -  SLT
Kept under a lesser watch, allowed to leave camp for brief periods of time. Normally are relied on to go on herb hunts with medics, or accompany with hunts/scouts/guarding lessons to aid on which rank they wish to partake in their adult lives in the pack.

The Unfortunate
{ V }
The punishment rankings for unfortunate adult wolves.

Omega  -  SLO
Those of the pack who've broken a rule under several warnings, can be permanent or temporarily given, depending on the severity of the situation.

The Exiled  -  SLe
Those unfortunate wolves who've broken the rules, and violated the pride of the pack itself. Normally only given under severe circumstances/violations of the pack law. Can be permanently, or temporarily given.

*Note, any rank besides 'The Bishop', and 'Blood Tyrant' /can/ be chosen by any newcoming member, or any long-term, or recent member that has a second character.
Please do not ask for a higher rank, these can only be earned throughout RP and IC dedication to the rank itself. It's an overall strategic game, and in all honesty (speaking from experience) high ranks are very hard to earn, so don't initially count on receiving one.

Thanks, SLP Staff.

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