Our lovely staff members.~

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Our lovely staff members.~

Post by Armin on Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:04 pm

{ -Sylus- }

He's our future Alpha Male!
Guess who started everything that you see here?
This guy!
Cepheus is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, he's empathetic, sympathetic, and just plain out groovy!

{ Oats }

That's me!
I'm a long-term member (Over 1 whole year, woo-hoo!), i'm outgoing and friendly with everybody!
I'm very excited to meet any newcomers, and i'm sure you'll love my character, aswell as me!

{Let me explain my character a bit}, Armin is based from the Armin from Attack on Titan, and has his voice (from the English Dub), he'd very empathetic, sympathetic, and just has a giant heart for everybody! He doesn't hate anybody, but then again; he's a little scared of everyone!
Malnourished as a fetus, his mother had been a huge problem for the pack in general during the past, due to her exile; a wound given by Akeldama stunted her hunting to a minimum, resulting in little to no food for days. Making it a miracle that Armin had survived the birth, though resulting in his growth to be stunted, and his figure to be petite, slender and he's overall weak, himself.

( LaughingWolf )

Our hard-working Alpha Female! Woop Woop!
Huojin has stuck around for quite some time!
She started out as a Guard, but she worked her way up to the top!
The character herself has defended and bonded with the pack to an extent, she's become a motherly figure for mostly everybody. Mainly Armin and Cepheus, considering they hadn't really had anybody due to the wipeout of TerraDeSylvestor.
(She's the creator of our drop-dead gorgeous map!)

( papayatoot )

Armin's IC and OOC bae|boothang! <3
A very long-term member, shes been around roughly around the same time that Armin has!
She helps come up with ideas to spice up the RP, helped with map ideas and is just flat-out awesome!


You're rockin' it!
Was the friend that originally helped Cepheus make the pack happen.
Thank you so much Kokoa, we all owe you one!

*Note, staff positions are earned, not chosen. They're not to be begged for, if any of the above staff believe that you, or anybody else would be a dedicated, and awesome staff member, it will be brought up between us all so that we can figure out whether or not there's a spot open, which there always has, and will be!

Everybody has a part to play, and if anybody has a problem, comment, or concern, feel free to come up to any of us and we'll be sure to help you out with anything you have in mind! We're open to anything, we'll help you through anything, just come to us, and don't be afraid!  Very Happy

Thanks, SLP Staff.

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